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The Unitedcoatings Group is pleased to announce the official grand opening ceremony of Eurocoating Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., LTD, established in China, in Xishan economic & technological development zone.

Since 1973 the Unitedcoatings Group is providing worldwide thermal spray coatings and ancillary services for several markets such as industrial gas turbine, biomedical and aerospace. With two facilities in Europe, two in the United States and now one in China, the biomedical division of the Unitedcoatings Group is a global leader in Plasma Spray Coatings and Additive Manufacturing for orthopedic, dental, spine and trauma applications serving over 120 OEMs globally.

Focused on the excellence and on the customer care, Eurocoating, Surface Dynamics, Anteco and Eurocoating Medical Technology are offering innovation and flexibility in surface treatments and metal 3D printing. Brands like Osprovit® and Ti-Growth® represent a golden standard in reliability, quality, and innovation.

Excellence as you design it, this is the mission.

Thanks to the long-standing experience and the commitment in process improvement and R&D activities, Eurocoating, Surface Dynamics, Anteco and Eurocoating Medical Technology deliver breakthrough innovation and cutting-edge technologies to support the success of the Customers:

The commitment in exceeding our Customers’ expectations and providing what they need exactly where they need it has been one of the main drivers leading to the decision.

— Nelso Antolotti President of the Unitedcoatings Group
As a global contract manufacturer, the Unitedcoatings Group strengthens its global footprint establishing the new facility in the Asia Pacific area.

Eurocoating Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., LTD was established in China, in 2016 and started production in 2017.

The Official Grand Opening Ceremony will take place in October.

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